Personalized solutions for the entire Iberian Peninsula.

At Transportes Tavares, we provide our customers with a set of differentiated and significantly specified services. As such, we aim to have the largest variety of equipment to respond to all the requests coming our way.


Watertight bathtub Transport


Watertight bathtub specialized in the transport of wastes with and without ADR.

ADR Transport


Transport of dangerous goods in bulk and on pallets.

Scrap Metal Transport


Transport of bulk and palletised scrap metal with a loading capacity of 30 m³ to 80 m³.


Inert and Cereals


Transport of different types of inert and cereals. Capacity of 20m³ to 90m³. (weighbridges and mobile floors)



Transport of reel carriers in a semi-trailer.


General Cargo


General cargo with canvasses and mobile floors.

Special Transports


Special transport on platforms and canvasses.

Transport of firewood, biomass and chips


Transport of firewood on dumpers. Biomass and chip on the mobile floor.

Vehicles in the fleet

Km’s Covered



Who we are

Transportes Tavares was founded in 2004 and even though it is based in Oliveira de Azeméis, we cover Portugal and Spain from one end to the other in our daily activity with our differentiated fleet of trucks.

What our customers say

At Jorge Batista Reciclagem de Metais Lda, we are very pleased to work with Transportes André Tavares, Lda. In addition to the diversity of services it offers its customers, it is an excellent company in meeting delivery deadlines, demonstrating great flexibility and the ability to adjust to our needs. It is certainly a partnership that we want to endure over time.

Dr. Pedro Batista


Working with Transportes Tavares is to benefit from an exemplary service quality, led by André Tavares, with a high quality team. The competence, total availability and a quick response to our requests, demonstrate a capacity well above average, especially when it comes to transport services. The diversity of transport options is also an extremely important factor in this partnership.

Eng. Hugo Carvalho


TRANSPORTES TAVARES, LDA as a business partner has been second to none compared to its competitors. Because, in addition to the readiness necessary to meet our expectations, it is a company that is guided by agility and adaptability when we need it. At any time it adapts to our unpredictability, which for LIMPÁRIA, Lda is very important. In addition to performing the services, this carrier has a person in front of it who, with his way of being, manages to adjust and adjust the client to his / our needs. It is one of the transport companies that I highly recommend. Well done to this company and its manager (André).

Eng. António Martins


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